Mac Eyeliner

Today I wanted to talk about a must have for every girls makeup arsenal.  Eyeliner!  I’ve been through so many brands and settled on Revlon Color Stay Skinny.  The thing is I wanted to experiment a little and see what else was out there, which eventually led to MAC.  I know some people that kept raving about them but never bothered trying since they are so expensive.  Regardless I bit the bullet and walked into a MAC store and purchased their blackest shade.  For $20 it better be the greatest pencil on earth!


So as soon as I started using it I didn’t understand the hype.  The ends kept breaking off and it was never really sharp enough, it was dark though, but definitely not worth the $20 price tag.  Another thing that bothered me was how fast the MAC eyeliner went.  I usually put on some eyeliner everyday to give my eyes a good pop and the MAC lasted three weeks, where as the Revlon lasted over a month.  The point I’m trying to make is that it was too expensive for what it was, and not worth it in my opinion.

With that being said I still prefer liquid liners to the pencils as they last allot longer and I find them easier to use.  So would I recommend MAC eyeliner? Sure if you like spending more money on something that really isn’t different from some other brands.  All in all I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend but I guess MAC is popular for a reason I just don’t know why?


Rating: 3/5