Hypnose – Lancome Mascara

Finding the best fit in each beauty product category is a fun quest; it requires lots of trial and error’s but in the end one always find what they are looking for. So was it for my new found mascara. I had always been looking for the one mascara I could finally label “best of all”. When I find THE one, I always stick with it. I have used several mascaras over the year, big brand names and lesser names. If I find a new mascara that is better than the previous one, still there is something of the previous one missing in the new found one. Ah! I wish I could pick and choose the efficient components in each and blend “my own”. Yeah… It does not work so. Fortunately! The silver lining! It is my friend Sarah who told me about the Lancome brand. She had been using Lancome’s “Hypnose” mascara for the first day when I noticed how remarkable her eyelashes were on that day. Frankly, they were fuller and longer. So on my next make up shopping stop  I made sure to make my first stop at the Lancome department. There it was, I’ve found THE mascara. “Hypnose”… The name bore the promise of fuller and denser eyelashes! And yes, the promise was fulfilled. This mascara keeps your eyelashes hydrated, it does not puff your eyelids up and it remains intense throughout the day and beyond. Its brush is truly avant-garde and it does not clump at all. I wish I would have come across this product sooner. Well, now is still sooner than later, right? I highly recommend it for a try, you will love it.