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Custom Pants By Hollywood Leggings

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I just bought my second pair of Custom Stage Pants by Hollywood Leggings.  This place does great work and the price is a steal!  I was looking for something flashy (as usual) but some sort of design I had pictured in my head.  I sent them a basic sketch of what I wanted done and they said no problem.  The jeans I wanted reminded me of the band, that I can’t get enough of right now, called Motionless In White.  I love the bands style, so they inspired the jeans I came up with (with some obvious modifications of course).

First off they had to be black to start and then the fun stuff can start.  I sent in a pair of jeans to her that I wanted done up.  I was thinking laces, snakeblack-pink-jeans-leather3-570x700 skin, patches etc.  Give it that rock ‘n roll edge.  When I did send in my jeans I got a call to go over the specifics to make sure every detail was correct.  That’s what I love, a company that takes pride in their work and cares for customer satisfaction.  Anyway after a couple of back and forth(s) the pants were done in about three weeks!  For those who don’t order custom pants, that is rocket fast!  They’re totally awesome!

I highly recommend Hollywood Leggings as they are great.  They can take an old pair of jeans and bring them back to life.  So if you’re looking to add some spice to an old pair of jeans or you want to spice up your wardrobe in general, these are the guys to go to.  The best part is that you don’t have to guess if they will fit or not, because they’re YOUR jeans!  Check It!  or visit their Etsy shop

Rating: 5/5