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Die Blackheads, Die! Garnier Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub.

So like every girl I strive to keep my skin in tip top shape.  I have oily skin and blackheads seem to love to rear their ugly selves on my nose.  I’ve been having this problem for years and I would try everything to get rid of them.  Sticking my face near boiling water, then squeezing them out, buying those strips and scrubs but they always come back!  It was annoying to say the least.

So I was at my local Rite Aid and heard rave reviews about the Garnier Blackhead Eliminating scrub.  It was on sale, so I bit the bullet.  Brought it home and put it to the test.  The bottle did say it was for oily skin, so that was a plus.  I pmkUn1tGNzxY5turw6sTuRiQut a little in the palm of my hand and applied it gently on my nose, with a circular scrubbing motion.  (I should mention I did put warm to hot water on my nose to open up the pores, BEFORE i put on the scrub) Then rinsed with cool water after about 2 minutes of leaving it on.  Well the verdict was in and my blackheads disappeared! In all honesty I wasn’t expecting much at all, and I’m still kind of shocked this scrub worked.  After the horrid amount of products I went through, just to get rid of some tiny dots on my nose, but I can honestly say the fight is finally over.

So if you’re looking to get rid of your blackheads and have oily skin like me, then I would recommend Garnier Clean.  I still use it at least twice a week to keep those suckers at bay and it works wonders.  It also feels great once you’re done washing, your nose will feel so smooth.  Sooooooo go and try it, it’s only $5 and does it’s job.

Rate: 5/5



Up, up, up! Cuvler City Scenic Overview

Still  aching from my ascent of the Culver City stairs this past weekend! The scenic overlook is mesmerizing, it stretches from the Ocean to Downtown LA. I had heard of the stairs and trail leading to it but had never been there before, this was my first time. Let me tell you how I eventually got there without really planning it.

With the Los Angeles heat still steaming from under my skin, I had woken up from a deep sleep but had a hard time finding my way back into it. So I layed down awake for quite some time, the balcony door wide open and stared at the deep blue sky. Eventually the sun rose and I felt the urge to get in the car and head to the beach to jog a few miles. But after second thought I felt like simply driving. I drove South and at some point made a left onto Jefferson Blvd, passed a big building on top of a hill which I later found out was Marymount Loyola University. Within minutes I passed a group of people stretching in theirtumblr_n4cfpfRy8b1qg71jgo1_500 workout outfits. I pull over and there they were; early morning climbers hitting a long stairway carved in the hill. I joined in without hesitation, ready to climb up the monster! The city overlook is worth the climb, one cannot regret it. The strangest thing was that it made me reflect on the grace of the present moment. The “high altitude” oxygen lit me up with a renewed energy; I was ready to jog on the trail! I highly recommend it to everyone, whether yo want a fat burning workout or simply an embrace with nature as the sun rises. It is an easy drive from Santa Monica or Marina Del Rey. Take Jefferson Blvd. all the way to the foot of the stairs, parking is easy and plenty…at least in the early morning hours. Go an be renewed!

Rate: 5/5