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Mac Eyeliner

Today I wanted to talk about a must have for every girls makeup arsenal.  Eyeliner!  I’ve been through so many brands and settled on Revlon Color Stay Skinny.  The thing is I wanted to experiment a little and see what else was out there, which eventually led to MAC.  I know some people that kept raving about them but never bothered trying since they are so expensive.  Regardless I bit the bullet and walked into a MAC store and purchased their blackest shade.  For $20 it better be the greatest pencil on earth!


So as soon as I started using it I didn’t understand the hype.  The ends kept breaking off and it was never really sharp enough, it was dark though, but definitely not worth the $20 price tag.  Another thing that bothered me was how fast the MAC eyeliner went.  I usually put on some eyeliner everyday to give my eyes a good pop and the MAC lasted three weeks, where as the Revlon lasted over a month.  The point I’m trying to make is that it was too expensive for what it was, and not worth it in my opinion.

With that being said I still prefer liquid liners to the pencils as they last allot longer and I find them easier to use.  So would I recommend MAC eyeliner? Sure if you like spending more money on something that really isn’t different from some other brands.  All in all I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend but I guess MAC is popular for a reason I just don’t know why?


Rating: 3/5

Joe Peeps NY Pizza

So a friend mine kept talking about this Pizza place up in Valley Village called Joe Peeps and said it was one of the best or the best pizza in L..A. (I wasn’t paying attention) so naturally as a pizza freak I had to check it out.  So on a sunny Saturday afternoon we drove up to Valley Village to put his words to the test.  There are some good Pizza places in L.A. but nothing that really impressed me, especially NY style.

We get to the place and it’s like a little divey, community  styled place with writing on the walls.  Everything from signatures to quotes, bands and all. I also love when these places have celebrity pictures on the walls with their signatures, i don’t know but something about that is pretty cool.  It was a smeatloversmall place but I was here for the Pizza not the atmosphere.  As per my friends recommendation we ordered the large cheese with extra sated mushrooms.  (I love mushrooms)  The staff there were so nice and it seemed to be family owned, so that’s always a plus as they care for what they put out.  You can see them make the pizza right in front of you so that’s definitely cool.

Finally the wait was over and the pizza looked great and smelt even better.  So I finally took a taste and let me tell you the sated mushrooms with the cheese was AMAZING!  The crust was just right, not too thin and not too much on the bread side.  The portion was big enough 180sand trust me I’m fussy, when I want a NY pizza I want a big ass slice!  These guys are definitely pros and my friend actually delivered on his promise.  I was definitely impressed.  So if you have a craving for a giant pizza and are in the Valley, go to Joe Peeps!


Rating: 5/5!




Zebra Striped Leggings

So I was in the market for a new pair of leggings.  Now like my name suggests I LOVE Leggings!  I have closet full of them but wanted something a little different this time around. I wanted something with stripes.  I found this great site called Hollywood Leggings that has an awesome selection of leggings for such a cheap price and found the exact pair I was looking for.

The white and black Zebra striped leggings were a perfect match and high wasted!  The checkout process was simple and the shipping free!  I received the package real quick so I was impressed with the delivery speed and the lel_in9wcharming-vertical-and-horizontal-stripe-zebra-leggingsggings  were what I expected, great!  They’re slim fit and extremely comfortable.  They also go great with practically anything I put on, and I wear them on nights out, to the grocery store, school etc.  Also they make my legs look longer and slimmer which is a huge bonus for me.  All I can say if your are looking for some leggings and cheap prices then check out Hollywood Leggings, they’re awesome and cheap!

Rating: 5/5 🙂