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L’Oreal Quick Blue Review

So I’ve been wanting to go blonde for some time now, but never could bring myself to do it after all the horror stories I’ve heard.  Needles to say I bit the bullet and it turned out great! First of all I have naturally mediuloreal-quick-blue-bleachm chestnut brown hair, so the lighting process shouldn’t be to hard?  The color I was going for was more towards a light Golden blonde, like Amber Heard in the Rum Diaries (I’m a Hunter S. Thompson fan).


I followed the instructions on the box and applied the bleach all over my head.  First of all let me say that the consistency was great. It was easy to apply and it didn’t burn my scalp, little tickling but that’s about it.  I didloreal-developern’t leave it on for too long as my hair was already somewhat light (around 25 min) and used a 30 volume developer I got from Sally’s beauty supply.   When the 25min were up I rinsed it out in the shower and put in some deep conditioner.


Next was the TONER. (Toner is VERY important, as it removes those orange and banana yellow tones)  I used the infamous Wella White Lady T-18 (With 10 Volume Developer) and put it on for only 5min.  Got back into the shower to rinse and condi2012-07-02 21_08_16-1tion and voila!  I was done and the color came out great!  My hair feels and looks amazing as well, now let’s see if blondes really do have more fun!


Rating: 5/5

Glitter Dust by Barry M – Review

Product: Glitter Dust by Barry M
Rating: 5/5 Stars


This is one of my favorite things in the world. It’s the finest, sparkling champagne of glitters where most are just flavored soda! It’s best to buy it on-line & their other products like dazzle dust are equally yummy.!
Review by belle-epoque
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